Education is vital

Educating the next generation of water managers is vital for the 2Seas region. Currently, knowledge on flood defence and emergency response is scattered over institutions and not formalised. Also, there is an expected shortage of young, well trained water managers.

Education Living Lab

Living Lab ideal for training

The Living Lab Hedwige Prosperpolder is ideally suited to train the next generation of water professionals, students to be facilitators of change for river deltas. The polder offers a controlled environment where they can test techniques, methods and products under realistic circumstances.

Versatile delta professionals needed

The challenge is to decrease the vulnerability of river deltas while simultaneously increasing the opportunities for healthy economic and ecological development. These developments are viewed as transitions: progressive, complex changes and adjustments that demand professionals who can intervene effectively. These transitions require innovative, multidisciplinary and holistic solutions by versatile delta professionals who not only have actual knowledge of river delta systems (coasts, seas, and rivers), but also possess the necessary research and communication skills. 

The Polder2C’s project is designed to provide new professionals with multiple opportunities to engage with state-of-the-art techniques and a range of professionals from various countries.

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