Partners from four countries

Fourteen partners from the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the United Kingdom joined forces in the Polder2C’s project. STOWA from the Netherlands and Flanders Hydraulics from Belgium were the lead partners.


Map showing all international partners

Infrastructural expertise

This was not the first project on levee failure tests and breach testing that the Dutch and Belgians took on. Both countries have gained infrastructural expertise in previous projects. The IJkdijk, an artificially constructed levee in Groningen was tested and monitored in a series of failure tests in 2012. And the Leendert de Boerspolder levee at Schiphol in 2015 was the first real levee to be subjected to a stability test. The Belgians of Flanders Hydraulics gained experience at the 1994 Zwin experiment (the origin of the breach test in a tidal area on the Dutch-Belgian border) and at tests in Lillo, near Antwerp, in 2011 and upstream in Dendermonde in 2015.

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