Climate change is a serious threat

Climate change is affecting countries in the 2 Seas area faster and to a greater extent than previously expected. The rising sea level is a serious threat to the countries in this region. Especially, since it is not known exactly how strong the flood defences are and how well emergency response is organised in practice. Also, there is a shortage of well trained water managers and a lack of embedded knowledge transfer and societal awareness.

Research, practice and education

Most emergency response plans and scenarios are based on theoretical models. The crossing border Polder2C’s project however, addressed these issues combining research, practice and education in a unique way.

Illustration of flooded houses

Our focus areas

The Polder2C’s programme focused on four areas:

  1. Flood Defence - do research on the strength of flood defences
  2. Emergency Response - design new and better emergency response plans
  3. Knowledge Infrastructure - formalise knowledge transfer and educate the next generation of water managers
  4. Realisation of a field station

Polder2C's video

We have made this animated video which explains the Polder2C's story in short. It answers all the essential questions such as the why, the what and the how of the project. 

Polder2C's video

Want to learn more?

The project has now been finalised. Do you want to learn more about what the project resulted in? See the results, tools, reports and videos