Scheldedijk replaced by a new levee

With its 465 hectares, the Hedwigepolder in the Netherlands and the adjacent part of the Flemish Prosperpolder form the largest tidal area in Western Europe. The existing Scheldedijk will disappear and further inland a new levee will be built.

Bird view Hedwige Prosperpolder - Sieperdaschor

Photo: Hedwige-Prosperpolder. Copyright Vilda - Yves Adams

After preparing the ground for construction, creeks and channels are dug. The water will soon flow through them to form mud flats and salt marshes. The soil that is extracted during the excavation work will be used as much as possible for the new levee, which should connect Flanders and the Province of Zealand at the end of 2020. When everything is completed as planned, at the end of 2024 part of the existing salt marshes and the Scheldedijk itself will be cleared, so that the tide can take its course.

Where do we stand?

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