Videos for education

An ensemble of instructional videos is developed. The videos can be embedded in educational curricula and provide insight on various topics concerning Flood Defence and Emergency Reponse.

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What: An educational video about the use of the BreachDefender as an Emergency Response measure. 

Managed Realignment

What: An educational video about Managed Realignment; controlled relocation of the flood defence. 

Levee Breaching

What: Educational video diving deeper in the levee breaching process. Questions that are discussed are for instance what is breaching, how does a breach develop and how can we model the breaching process?.

Operational Flood Risk Management

What: An educational video about Operational Flood Risk Management. The video gives a basic understanding of flood risks, flood defences, recognizing failure mechanisms in an early stage, your own safety and how to guard a levee.

Effective Collaboration

What: An educational video about building effective and lasting collaborations explained by using the case of the Polder2C's project.

Data Wizard

What: Educational video about the Polder2C's Data Wizard, explaining what is it, why we need it and how it helps transform data into knowledge.

Overview of Main Polder2C's Results

What: Educational video setting out an overview of the main results and learnings of the Polder2C's activities concerning various erosion tests, emergency response and animal burrowing.

See our YouTube Channel for more videos.



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