Research has been done into the influence of animal burrows on the levee strength using practical experiments. Different techniques have been tried for assessing where animal burrows occur. Also, tests were done to determine how big the animal burrows are, how they interconnect and in which layer of the levee they are.

Flood Defence

Raising awareness on animal burrows

What: report Management of Harmful Animal Activities on Levees: Fact Finding Fieldwork in the Living Lab Hedwige-Prosperpolder. 

In this report you will find: 

  • Storytelling part is being written on this 
  • Understanding impact animal activity
  • How to repair animal burrows
  • Ways to track down animal burrows
  • Smoke bombs/Thermal heat imaging/Grouting

Detecting animal burrows

What: Infosheet on how to use smoke bombs for detecting animal burrows.

Protecting animal burrows

What: Infosheet on the temporary protection of animal burrows with road plates



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