Status and strength testing

Numerous destructive field tests are carried out to learn more about the status and strength of our flood defences and the impact of environmental elements.

Data Research
Overflow generator on levee Hedwige-Prosperpolder

Destructive field testing of levee

During destructive field tests a levee is exposed to increasing loading conditions, imitating an extreme storm event by the use of pump-driven simulators, generators as well as prevailing tidal conditions until failure occurs.

Test types

The following test types are considered:

  • Wave overtopping
  • Steady/continuous overflow (with significant flows of water)
  • Wave impact
  • Breach growth

Research questions

The research questions considered can be categorized as follows:

Failure enhancing phenomena

  1. Maintenance-related
  2. Presence of transitions
  3. Presence of man-made objects (stairs, poles, solar panels, art)
  4. Presence of trees
  5. Animal activity
  6. Extreme drought
  7. Impact of falling objects (windmill parts, aircraft)
  8. Excavations

Failure retarding solutions

  1. Maintenance
  2. Nature-based design and maintenance of levees
  3. Herb rich vegetation
  4. Foreshore development in front of a levee
  5. Lime treated clay
  6. Teximat®
  7. Riprap
  8. Open Stone Asphalt
  9. Concrete blocks
  10.  Geogrid
  11.  Temporary cover reinforcement strategies
  12.  Erosion resistant earthfill core (like inside the Prosper levee)

Breach growth

  1. In depth
  2. In width

Breach retarding solutions

  1. Influence of tidal marshes
  2. Bresdefender®
  3. other breach control solutions


Only provisional solutions to be considered here

  1. Challenge on repair strategies
  2. Large emergency response exercise

Overflow tests have started

The Overflow Generator has been installed at the project site. It was quite an operation, see the making of video by Flanders Hydraulics Research.

Polder2C's: Moving of the Overflow Generator to Hedwige-Prosperpolder
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Start of Overflow Test