Among the activities concerning Flood Defences, were experiments with water overflow, wave overtopping and wave impact. Also a T0 baseline survey to determine the state of the levee has been done. These experiments resulted in several reports, which can be found below.

Site Survey Overview

What: Report on baseline site survey and all consecutive surveys of the experiment site.

Pilot testing water overflow

What: Several reports on pilot testing of water overflow on Belgian and Dutch levees. The last report also includes insights from the wave overtopping tests that were part of the Polder2C's project. 

Validated models

What: Reports on validated models on overflow and overtopping modelling. 

Blind Model Predictions

What: Report on blind predictions of water depth and flow velocity on the slope of a levee during an overflow event, before the test is conducted, using a range of different state-of-the-art numerical models. The second report, Test program winter 2020-2021 and winter 2021-2022 outlines the test plans for the large scale tests carried out in the Living Lab Hedwige-Prosperpolder. These tests include continuous water overflow tests, wave overtopping tests and wave impact tests. 

Wave overtopping and Wave impact

What: Reports on Wave overtopping tests, Grass Sod Pulling Tests and the Wave Impact tests. (Reports are in Dutch)

Using BIM as a Levee Manager

What: a framework for BIM Use in Levee Management

Animal Burrowing in Levees

What: Reports on animal burrowing in levees - Field research on burrowing and how to manage animal activities in levees. 

Grass Sod Pull Test

What: explainer video about the Grass Pulling Device to test the strength of the grass cover of a levee. 

Prolonged Collaboration

What: Action plan on international prolonged collaboration on assessing designing and maintaining flood defences.


What: Report on design and application overflow generator.

Validated innovative solutions

What: Report on innovative solutions, tools and services in Flood Defence.



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