Among the activities concerning Flood Defences, were experiments with water overflow, wave overtopping and wave impact. Also a T0 baseline survey to determine the state of the levee has been done. These experiments resulted in several reports, which can be found below.

Site Survey Overview

What: Report on baseline site survey and all consecutive surveys of the experiment site.

Validated models

What: Reports on validated models on overflow and overtopping modelling. 

Blind Model Predictions

What: Report on blind predictions of water depth and flow velocity on the slope of a levee during an overflow event, before the test is conducted, using a range of different state-of-the-art numerical models. 

Wave overtopping and Wave impact

What: Reports on Wave overtopping tests, Grass Sod Pulling Tests and the Wave Impact tests. (Reports are in Dutch)

Using BIM as a Levee Manager

What: a framework for BIM Use in Levee Management

Animal Burrowing in Levees

What: Reports on animal burrowing in levees - Field research on burrowing and how to manage animal activities in levees. 

Grass Sod Pull Test

What: explainer video about the Grass Pulling Device to test the strength of the grass cover of a levee. 

Prolonged Collaboration

What: Action plan on international prolonged collaboration on assessing designing and maintaining flood defences.

  • Action Plan on international prolonged collaboration - to be published soon


What: Report on design and application overflow generator.

  • Design and application of the overflow generator - to be published soon

Validated innovative solutions

What: Report on innovative solutions, tools and services in Flood Defence.

  • Overview of validated innovative solutions, tools and services - to be published soon



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