Emergency Measures

In order to learn more on the type of solutions in case of damage, we included various emergency measures in the project. We tested innovative solutions such as the BreachDefender, rock bags and mobile barriers and using sand bags, levee covering and different geotextiles.

Emergency Response

Sandbag Science

What: At high water, sandbags are an important tool for the use in emergency situations. Water Authorities use this material/emergency measure for various purposes. In this toolbox you can find working instructions on how sandbags can be used in certain situations. This instruction is limited only to the actions required to use sandbags during a flood crisis. It does not address a choice of sandbag type or use in other situations. 

  1. Background document providing the justification for choices made in this instruction. The following documents were based on this document and developed:
  2. Train the trainer presentation to be used for office instruction and a Train the trainer presentation booklet 
  3. Field Instructions to be used for instruction to volunteers. 
  4. Poster 1 and poster 2 with instructions and a poster 3 with instructions and a QR code to an instruction video on YouTube.  

Using sandbags and levee covering

What: Evaluation of the exercise with emergency measures at the Living Lab Hedwige-Prosperpolder: tests with sandbags and levee covering. 

Wiki Emergency Measures

What: This online tool is a shortened, English version of the Dutch website Wiki Noodmaatregelen, which gives an overview of emergency response measures for Flood Defences. New insights form Polder2C's such as guidelines on the use of different geotextiles and reinforced turf mats will be included in this tool as well. This version is a product of the collaboration between Interreg-project Polder2C’s, the Dutch Flood Emergency Measures WIKI community, and the STOWA (Foundation for Applied Water Research).

Mobile Barriers: Cuirassier

What: Guidance on the use of mobile barriers, including a report on the test with Cuirassier. 



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