For Knowledge Infrastructure, many activities were relevant. Among them were the development of the data portal, educating the next generation, development of a toolbox and international replication of the results. The reports published on these topics are published below.

Framework for International Handbook

What: This is a Framework for an International Handbook for Emergency Response. It sets out guidelines for the content of the handbook, who will contribute, a planning and how to publish.

Lessons learned

What: This is a report on lessons learned and the identified knowledge gaps during the Polder2C's project.

International Levee Handbook

What: This is a proposal for an update of the International Levee Handbook for Emergency Response.

Educational Curricula updates

What: This is a report on the embedding of project findings in educational curricula.

Levee Failure

What: This is a report on review of literature on levee failure.

Reproducibility of Experiments

What: This is a report on reproducibility of the experiments that have been done in the Hedwige-Prosperpolder. The video is a vlog about how to use App2C, an app for reporting levee defects or damages. 



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