Three subtasks

To ensure international replication of results, we will focus on three subtasks. These are an extensive literature review on similar projects, best practices in reproducibility of results and a lessons learned report.


Literature review on similar projects

We will perform an extensive literature review on technical aspects of levee failure and strength. This review includes examples from around the world with specific attention to possible twin sites in France and the UK. It must provide an overview on parameters governing the strength and managing regimes of managed realignment.

Also, the Dutch Corps of engineers will cooperate with the US Army Corps of Engineers, Belgium Defence and occasionally military partners from France and Britain to gain more knowledge on demolition and crisis management on flooding. All this information will be compared with the Polder2C’s project and set the scene for reproducing results on other sites around the world.

Reproducibility of the results

Reproducibility of the experimental results is the second element that we focus on. What are best practices in reproducibility and how can these be applied to the Hedwige Prosperpolder case? We will analyse how our results can be exported to existing twin sites in France. Specific points of attention for exporting to the UK are listed as well.

Report on lessons learned

Finally, we will look ahead to inform future work and research. What lessons can be learned from the Hedwige Prosperpolder site and experiments that are useful for future projects? Also, what knowledge gaps are identified and how can these be addressed? These findings will be included in a report on lessons learned, which is intended to serve as a basis for future projects.

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