Emergency Response

Among the activities concerning Emergency Response, were inspection exercises, testing breach closure strategies as well as controlled breach initiation and several repair measures. You can find the reports written about these tests and topics below.

Alternative levee closure strategies

What: Reports on several emergency measures for levees. A report assessing and comparing different measures, a literature study on levee closure strategies and a test case on the use of the Cuirassier mobile barrier.

Inspection App

What: Report on the development of the new inspection app App2C.

Risk perception and evacuation behavior

What: Reports on the findings concerning research into risk perception and evacuation behavior. 

Full scale international emergency exercise

What: report on organising a full scale international emergency exercise

Prolonged Collaboration

What: Action plan on international prolonged collaboration in Emergency Response.

Pilot BreachDefender

What: Report on the pilot test using the Breachdefender, a floating pontoon, to stop or slow down levee breach.

Pilot Controlled Breach Initiation

What: Report on a pilot that has been executed on controlled breach initiation using explosives. This method is an extreme measure that may be used to alleviate hydraulic loads by deviating the water to into a designated retention area. 

Validated innovative solutions

What: Report on innovative solutions, tools and services in Emergency Response.



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