About the Field Station

The Field Station has been and will be used during and after the project for educational purposes, research and as a special meeting place for exclusive occasions.

Collaboration Education

After the Polder2C’s project

Now that the Polder2C’s project has been completed, the Field Station will remain its function as a base camp for researchers and be used for public education and raising awareness on flood resilience, emergency response aspects and nature development in the Hedwige-Prosperpolder.

The Field Station is used for:

  • Education
    A meeting place for guided excursions and field trips in this unique environment. 
  • Scientific Research
    The Field Station can be used to conduct research for a longer period of time. Scientists, students, interns, trainees and research centers are all welcome to use it. The acquired knowledge can be a direct cause to change maintenance or plans of the area. 
  • Unique Meeting room
    The purpose will specifically be non commercial. It will rather be used for special events by exclusive partners, if the planning and ecological calendar allow it.  



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