About the Field Station

The field station will be in use as a base camp for researchers and as a location for Winter school activities during and after the project.

Education Research

Purpose of the Field Station

The field station will be used to accommodate organizations and individuals whilst visiting the project location. For the general public it will be used for communication about the project and the environment, nature, history and cultural heritage. It will be opened at indicated times, when seasons and ecological circumstances allow it, and actively promoted during communication activities. Scholars will be informed as part of the curricula or Winter School inscription procedure.

During the Polder2C’s project

During the project, the Field Station will have several purposes.

  • Meeting place for researchers
    National and international knowledge on climate adaptation in relation to the output of our project can be shared.
  • Test facility for research
    Research can be carried out in the Field Station. There is room for simple test facilities, a test control room and monitoring. The possibility for overnight stays (24/7 operation of the tests) is included. 
  • Knowledge transfer
    The field station will be used for knowledge transfer, it will be the base camp for Winter School or University courses. 
  • Dissemination
    The field station can also be used for dissemination and as an educational centre. It can serve as a central point to involve the regional stakeholders (Streekholders).

Are you curious to know what the Field Station will be used for after the project?

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