BreachDefender in action

The idea of the BreachDefender is to adjust a mid-pontoon folding bridge so it will sink instead of float. Our hypothesis is that the pontoons can help to close a breach or strengthen a weakened levee by anchoring the BreachDefender to the outer slope of a levee.


Evaluation of the BreachDefender

The technical and crisis logistical concept of the BreachDefender pilot will be evaluated in order to create a BreachDefender handbook and to add the innovative tool to the emergency measures toolbox. Focus of the pilot project is therefore on reaching three main goals:

  • Proving the theory behind the concept
  • Realising a technical design on the basis of the theoretical framework
  • Developing a logistic concept to enable deployment during crises

Together, these goals form the finalisation of the BreachDefender concept, enabling for future use and potential collaboration after successful implementation and validation.



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