Emergency Response & Exercises

We offer tools such as a framework for an International Handbook on Emergency Response or how to set up an emergency response exercise.

Emergency Response

Exercise plan

What: This report discusses the Emergency Response exercises that are executed in the Polders2C’s project. These exercises concern Levee inspection, Emergency measures, Breach closure, Breach initiation and Crisis Management (integral emergency

Full Scale Emergency Exercise Plan

What: this Exercise Plan provides the basic information needed for organising levee inspection operations and full scale international exercises in the context of the Interregional Polder2C’s project. In addition to the Exercise Plan a script is written about how to organise an exercise, a large scale international emergency respons exercise.

Risk perception

What: To change the perception about flood risk and increase flood risk awareness, a documentary has been developed and tested as a communication tool to raise awareness on flood risk. This has been done by the HZ University of Applied Sciences among inhabitants living near the Hedwige-Prosperpolder. 

Framework for International Handbook

What: This is a Framework for an International Handbook for Emergency Response. This framework sets out guidelines for the content of the handbook, who will contribute, a planning and how to publish.

International Levee Handbook

What: The International Levee Handbook offers international good practice (e.g. the evaluation, design, implementation, maintenance and management) on levees based on current knowledge and experience. Based on the findings obtained in this project, current practices and guidelines were evaluated and a proposal for an update to the International Levee Handbook is provided to ciria. 



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