How it started

As we needed to learn the tricks of vlogging, Pelpina Trip, Video Coach and Trainer, taught us some of her skills in a Vlog Masterclass in November 2020. Since then, our crew in the polder have been making vlogs regularly of all the activities. 


Today, Pelpina refreshed our memories with her vlog checklist and announced the three nominees for the best Polder2C's vlogger. They were selected on good use of light, audio, making eye contact, smiling, using an interesting background and focus on their story. The nominees for best vlogger were:

  • Wouter Zomer
  • Vana Tsimopoulou
  • Davy Depreiter

And the winner is...

Drum rolls.... Davy Depreiter!
Congratulations to Davy Depreiter for winning the Polder2C's Vlog Award! We are already looking forward to some new videos. See one of Davy's vlogs from the Living Lab Hedwige-Prosperpolder. 

Winner Polder2C's Vlog Award: Davy Depreiter

"It has been a very successful so far by a great team of people and I am looking forward to working and vlogging again in the polder. "

Davy Depreiter

More vlogs

Do you want to see more Polder2C's vlogs and videos? Check our YouTube channel!