Levee Challenge

The Levee Challenge took place in February. Two very skilled teams of students participated in this challenge, Team Brugse Diek and Team Hans Brinker. The teams had to repair a damaged levee in the Hedwige-Prosperpolder as well  as possible with surface protection measures within a timeframe of four hours. The reparation of the levee needed to be sufficient to withstand new overflow tests. This was also tested during the Levee Challenge. 

On the 21st of April, the prizes will be awarded. One of theses prizes is for the best promotional video. You can help decide who wins this prize. So check out these videos and vote for your favourite. 

Promotional video Team Brugse Diek

Team Brugse Diek is a team of KU Leuven students from the Bruges campus, Jadon Beerlandt, Eskill de Witte, Jennifer Derijckere, Louis Debruyne, Louis Dekien and Robbie Barra. See their promotional video.

Promotional video Team Hans Brinker

Team Hans Brinker is a team of 4 students from TU Delft, Maarten Buitelaar, Robert Lengkeek, Rolf Rademaker en Jason Wever. See their promotional video.

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