International Handbook

One of the results of our project is a framework for an International Handbook Emergency Response for Flood Defences. This framework roughly describes the structure of the handbook, the group of authors, reviewers, editors and main leads who are going to make it happen. It also sets out the planning, thoughts about form and style and the needed budget.

Photo: testing repair measures in the Living Lab Hedwige-Prosperpolder, valuable input for the Handbook. 

Presentation at ICFM

The framework is now ready to be presented and a great opportunity came along as the topic has been accepted for a plenary session at the 9th ICFM in Tsukuba, Japan. This event will be from 18 to 22 February. Durk Riedstra of Rijkswaterstaat will present the session International Handbook Emergency Response for Flood Defences 2023: Goals and Approach. We are very proud of this recognition and appreciate the chance to take part in the ICFM.

Future collaboration

Whereas the Polder2C’s project is coming to an end, our collaboration and future connection is not. As a result of the Polder2C’s project, we have created a community of partners worldwide who want to be part of the initiative to work on a Handbook. Together, we have the ambition to deliver a draft version of the Handbook at the end of 2023 and publication in 2024.