Testing under real life conditions

An important part of the project will be to perform several tests and experiments in the field of flood defences and emergency response under real life conditions. The purpose of these tests and experiments is to exchange knowledge and expertise of the state-of-the art as well as to demonstrate innovative techniques, tools and solutions. Finally, involving students and young professionals is aimed at.

Hedwige-Prosperpolder, photo by Vilda - Yves Adams

Photo: Hedwige-Prosperpolder. Copyright Vilda - Yves Adams

All kinds of testing in the Living Lab

The Living Lab offers a unique opportunity to conduct these experiments on existing levees of the Schelde, in safe circumstances. Polder2C’s organises levee strength experiments and exploits the possibilities for emergency response exercises. Innovative measuring devices, monitoring systems, calculation models and other emerging technologies are welcomed in the areas of:

Climate adaptive flood defences

  1. Continuous overflow
  2. Wave run-up and overtopping
  3. Breach growth

Emergency response

  1. Breach closure strategies
  2. Levee inspection
  3. Controlled dike breaching

"If you’d like to see an emerging technology in action, who ya gonna call? Polder2C’s!"

Patrik Peeters

Patrik Peeters

Contact us to do your own experiment

We are inviting all organisations in the field of water management, flood protection or emergency response to use our Living Lab. Are you an expert in one of these fields  and do you want to test or demonstrate your new product, technology or method? Make sure not to miss this unique opportunity, we only have two winter seasons, so get in touch!