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During this Q&A we show you the testing of various types of mobile barriers. You will get the opportunity to ask questions. 

Types of mobile barriers

On 16 and 17 February four types of mobile barriers are tested: 

  1. Boxbarrier
  2. NoFloods Flex wall 
  3. Mobieledijken (mobile levee)
  4. Cuirassier 

Goal of the tests is to gain experience in using mobile barriers. These tests will give insight into how effective, efficient and easy to use they are.

Photo: Testing Mobile Barrier of Cuirassier in Hedwige-prosperpolder

Join the Q&A session

Roelof Moll of Delft University of Technology, Civil Engineering and Geosciences, and Marc Balemans of the Ministry of Defence, Dutch Army Corps of Engineers, will show the first results of the test with the Boxbarrier and Noflood flex wall and you will see live how the system of Mobieledijken works.

Date and time
Thursday 17 February
11.00 CET

Save the date in your calendar and join our Q&A session via the link (Zoom).
Meeting ID: 830 9881 4639
Passcode: 372783