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During this Q&A we show you the testing of a flood protection system by Cuirassier. You will get the opportunity to ask questions. 

Cuirassier system

Cuirassier developed an innovative temporary flood protection barrier that can be used in emergency situations. 

During the Q&A session Nicolas Maquignon from Cerema and Luc van Nguyen from Cuirassier will explain the working and testing of the flood protection system. They will show live footage of the barrier at the Hedwigepool and the different tests that have been done.


A cooperation between Cerema, Cuirassier and the Dutch military created an opportunity to test the Cuirassier (system) in the Hedwigepool. This is a test facility where tests can be performed under controlled, but realistic circumstances. 

Join the Q&A session

Friday 4 February
15.00 CET

Save the date in your calendar and join our Q&A session via the link (Zoom).
Meeting ID: 860 0980 8967
Passcode: 404772