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Levee Challenge

The Levee Challenge is a unique competition where four teams test their skills and knowledge by creating innovative emergency repairs on a real levee that will be tested by using a wave overtopping generator.

Last year two student-teams competed against each other in the Levee Challenge. Now a student team and three professional teams will try and become the winner of this year’s Challenge.

The four teams

  • “Bruges4Dike” Students from KU Leuven
  • “Bert’s Wig” Experts from CTW
  • “Hoog en Droog” Experts and trainees from RijksWaterStaat
  • “The Vlaamse Waterweg” A team of experts by Vlaamse Waterweg

See this video, introducing the Levee Challenge and these four teams. 

During this live Q&A session Jadon Beerlandt of KU Leuven will explain the tasks the teams are facing, show the different solutions the teams have come up with and you will see the first waves running over the levee to test the repairs of the different teams. Of course, there is opportunity to ask questions.

Join the Q&A session

Wednesday 9 February
13.30 CET

Save the date in your calendar and join our Q&A session via the link (Zoom).
Meeting ID: 847 6729 4643
Passcode: 314614