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Join us on 27 June

On June 27th, TU Delft PhD student Mario van den Berg conducts a live breach growth experiment on a test levee to gain better insight into breach growth with foreshore. This experiment takes place in TU Delft's Living Lab Flood Proof Holland and is part of the Polder2C's project.

You are invited to be present at this experiment. 


  • 14.00  - 14.30 Start
  • 14.30  - Introduction and welcome to Flood Proof Holland, Lindsey Schwidder TU Delft
  • 14.35  - Introduction and welcome to Polder2C's, Ludolph Wentholt Polder2C’s/STOWA
  • 14.40  - Tour and demonstration of the various innovations being tested

Guide everyone to the large basin

  • 15.30 Welcome and introduction of Mario's experiment by Professor Bas Jonkman
  • 15.40 Short explanation of what is going to happen by Mario van den Berg
  • 15.45  Start demo
  • 16.30 Closing words Polder2C’s
  • 16.35 Drinks

Flood Proof Holland

Flood Proof Holland is a Living Lab focused on smart alternatives to the sandbag, testing and demonstrating smart monitoring tools/data collection and experiments for more effective levee management. In this Living Lab, floods can be simulated to test and improve innovative temporary flood defences. In addition, a test levee has been constructed at the polder site where a great deal of research into failure mechanisms such as 'piping' and breach growth/levee erosion is taking place. 

Flood Proof Holland
Thijsseweg 11
2629 JA Delft


Make sure you do not miss this experiment and register in under a minute on this website.

VPdelta+ and Polder2C’s

VPdelta+ is an innovation program me of TU Delft. VPdelta + coordinates testing grounds in which startups, scale - ups, entrepreneurs, students, scientists and area managers test, improve and demonstrate innovative concepts. In addition, the programme organises and facilitates the cooperation between knowledge institutions, governments and businesses. In this way, VPdelta+ stimulates and accelerates innovation and implementation of climate adaptive solutions. Read more (in Dutch).

Polder2C’s is an international project aiming to improve the 2 Seas region’s capacity to adapt to the challenges caused by climate change. Fourteen partners from this region have joined forces in this project. Polder2C’s focuses on  three topics: flood  defence, emergency response and knowledge transfer to the next generation of water managers. Read more about Polder2C's.