STOWA's mission is to develop, collect, distribute and implement applied knowledge, that the water managers need in order to adequately do their job. STOWA is a not-for profit organization. Members are public institutions; all Dutch water boards, provinces and the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Role in the project

STOWA and the Department of Mobility and Public Works are the lead partners and drivers of the Polder2C’s project. In this project, STOWA’s responsibility is mainly to improve emergency responses by developing, demonstrating and disseminating knowledge and experiences. The activities for this project will take place in the 2 Seas area of the Netherlands.

International project experience

STOWA was lead partner in the successful Interreg NWE3b project NOAH and project partner in the Interreg or international projects 3c FLAPP project. STOWA has also participated as project partner in a wide range of LIFE projects.

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