Partner in Emergency Response

South West Water is a partner in emergency response in their area and invested in flood defense techniques to protect their assets. In order to meet the local challenges, an innovative approach to managing the water challenges in the region has been essential. South West Water has a track record of pioneering new technologies and approaches in the UK.

International project experience

South West Water was a partner in the successful and Interreg supported WATER, Wetted Land: the Assessment, Techniques and Economics of Restoration, project, and the DOC2C's project. This was an Interreg 2 Seas project to develop new approaches to high deviations in DOC concentrations in sources for drinking water as a result of climate change.

SWW collaborated with the Environment Agency, the Association of Rivers Trusts and six French environmental, commercial and local government organisations to bring about improvements in river water quality and reducing flooding risk.

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