Rijkswaterstaat is involved in the Polder2C’s project on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. Rijkswaterstaat is responsible for maintaining the national flood defences and assessing the capacities of these flood defences.

Crisis and emergency response

Furthermore, Rijkswaterstaat is the national coordinator of crisis and emergency response teams for flood defence systems in the Netherlands. In recent years, Rijkswaterstaat has invested greatly in the cooperation with regional water boards, the ministry of Defense and internationally with the Environment Agency and USACE during calamities.

International project experience

Rijkswaterstaat has longstanding experience in project management or participation in INTERREG projects or international projects of North West Europe, such as INTERREG North Sea Region, INTERREG VL-NL, Life, FP7, Horizon202, TEN-T/CEF.
Rijkswaterstaat is one of the driving forces of the International Scheldt Commission (ISC).

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