Expertise on water management

HZ University of Applied Sciences has a significant focus on collaborating in a regional and cross-border context. The Delta Applied Research Centre provides education and research on climate adaptation in river deltas and coastal zones. The research groups Resilient Deltas and Building with Nature perform applied research on flood risk management, spatial adaptation, community resilience and implementation of ecosystem based solutions and provides research in fostering a sustainable regional leisure economy. These research groups are involved in the Polder2C’s project.

Photo: HZ University Of Applied Sciences Audiovisual Team

International project experience

HZ University of Applied Sciences has an extensive track record on EU funded projects, including Interreg:

  • SARCC: project on sustainable and resilient coastal cities using NBS (2019-2022). HZ participant. FRAMES: project on flood risk governance and adaptive planning (2017-2020). HZ WP leader. 
  • Nereus: project on new energy and resources from urban sanitation (2017-2020). HZ participant. 
  • SAIL: project on stimulating active ageing and longer independent living (2017-2020). HZ lead partner. Profit: project on innovation in tourism (2016-2020). HZ participant. 
  • Cascade: project on developing a financially sustainable approach to elderly/dementia care (2017-2021). HZ project partner. 
  • TICC: project on transforming integrated care in communities (2017-2021). HZ project partner.

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