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We are proud to announce the Polder2C's Emergency Response Exercise in the Baie de Somme and Baie d'Authie. Cerema, Polder2C's partners and local partners will host this event on the west coast of France.


Our goal is to learn from each other and test the findings of the Polder2C's project in this new region.


Partners from four countries will come together for this cooperative program in which we will do  inspection exercise using the APP2C and possibly other (local) methods, perform emergency measures, have a showcase of drones, mobile barriers and more.


There is a limited number of places available for this event. As it is organised for our partners, participation is on an invite only basis. 


For more information you can contact Michiel Raak by email.

Note: Until the new dates are confirmed, it is not possible to register for this event.